Project Description

A first timer’s experience, that’s what I really wanted to find when I delved into the reviews posted on The Men’s Company’s website.
I couldn’t particularly find what I was looking for among those reviews, yet couldn’t resist sating my curiousity about this business either.
So I selected a man (Matt) whose profile caught my interest, despite uncertainty if this really was my ‘cup of tea’.
Why pay for something that you can get for free? It’s probably what holds most women back from trying this.
But personally, one night stands abhor me, I can’t bring myself to do them. You’re using someone, you’re being used and if halfway through you change your mind it just becomes a big mess of awkward.
There’s comfort and safety in the fact that when you hire a professional, the ball is in your court at all times.
My biggest worry about The Men’s Company: if you’re paying someone, is that not the most extreme form of using them? Wouldn’t these men ‘fake it till they make it’?
Meaning you might still be using them without being aware of it? Even if, in a way, he consents to it, I would not be okay with that.

That’s where Matt (from Munich) came in. I expected him to be smooth, to ‘act the part’, but he wasn’t anything like that at all.
He was easy going, testing the waters and felt like he was genuinely himself. He put my worries at ease quickly, saying he’d never do anything he wasn’t okay with no matter what was offered. He definitely has a way of making a woman feel sexy and attractive!
I felt safe with him and would love to explore more aspects of my own sexuality with him in future.

So thank you to The Men’s Company and Matt in particular, I had a great time and will cope with my withdrawal symptoms until the next booking 😉