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I approached accepting services of male escorts with the typical reservations one would expect. At first, I was very apprehensive when meeting Vince at the bar. Needless to say, my expectations were well and truly exceeded. I was greeted with a warm, enthusiastic and surprisingly genuine gentleman. My apprehension faded quickly.
Gigolo Vince from Antwerp managed to reach places I didn’t even know existed, both by himself and with the use of various interesting toys. This has left me wondering what else I have been missing out on.
I thought my disinterest in sex was just part of my maturing, but he made me want to start doing things I stopped doing years ago. Coupled with a fantastic physique, I truly enjoyed my time with Vince.
Now give me a moment while I learn how to walk again.. M.


We, E. and V. met with male escort Vince from Antwerp on a two hour meeting in Brussels. V went down to the hotel bar to meet him, and when she came up to our room, she was already at ease. Vince is a laid out character. He put us at ease in the first 5 minutes of our meeting. He came prepared with toys and gadgets to please V and a disposition that made us feel wonderful. He performed spectacularly. He was an absolute gentleman. I can’t fathom how hard it is for a gigolo to visit a couple and feel soooo at ease… V told me that he is a considerate and thoughtful lover with a “quite good package” and that we will most definitely meet him again at our next trip.

Thank you TMC, you guys are professional and apparently quite effective. Honestly mates, thank you for such a wonderful experience. Will definitely contact you on our next escapade. Warmest of regards, E. and V.