Nick, 36, Amsterdam (NL)

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Gigolo Nick is een avontuurlijke en gevoelige persoonlijkheid met een zorgzaam karakter. Met zijn ruime levenservaring, positieve houding en gevoel voor humor laat hij een dame zich snel op haar gemak voelen. Gigolo Nick is open minded, toegankelijk en kan goed luisteren. Hij verzorgt zijn lichaam goed en is in perfecte conditie. Een hemelse massage behoort tot zijn specialiteiten!

Nick heeft uitstekende reviews. Gigolo Nick is beschikbaar voor dames en stellen.

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High class male escort Nick, modest, social and easy going, with a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Nick is open minded and an excellent listener, a real gentleman who definitely will make you feel comfortable quickly. As a model he takes good care of his body and is always in good shape. A lovely massage is one of his specialties. Male escort Nick loves life and invites you to share beautiful moments with him!

Nick has excellent reviews. Male escort Nick is available for ladies and couples.

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Hello again, Gisèle and Erwin, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long, but I’ve been a bit busy since I came back home.

My experience with Nick was truly incredible. I contacted Gisèle and Erwin because I was looking to lose my virginity. Being a 25-year-old without any sexual experience,I thought that hiring an escort would be my safest bet. I do know virginity is a horrible social construct but the thought of being intimate with someone I was interested in and the fear of being rejected because of it terrified me. I couldn’t even be upfront when I fancied someone. I explained my situation to Gisèle and Erwin and they reassured me that there wasn’t anything weird about it and recommended me some escorts. Nick caught my attention immediately. I didn’t tell him during our date, but I think I chose him because of his kind smile.

When the day came at last, I was a nervous mess. However, my first impressions about Nick weren’t wrong (and he was also much more handsome than in the pictures). He was amazingly patient and understanding and really made me feel at ease and helped me let go of my inhibitions.

I feel so lucky my first time has been with such a caring, lovely man. Everything went better that I could have ever imagined. I turned 26 two days before our encounter, and I must say that it has been the best birthday gift I’ve had in a long time. The only regret I have about the whole thing is that he may have set the bar too high, haha.

I cannot thank you all enough! B.


Goeiemiddag Erwin en Gisèle,
Ik wilde jullie nog even bedanken voor de date! Het was voor mij helemaal geslaagd.
Nick is inderdaad de persoon zoals op zijn profiel geschreven staat!
Ik voelde me snel gerustgesteld door hem. Hij kan inderdaad goed luisteren. Het deed ontzettend deugd om mijn verhaal eens te doen en om te kunnen genieten van de aandacht!!
Ik ben nog steeds aan het nagenieten. Kunnen jullie aub Nick zeker bedanken voor de zalige uurtjes!!!!!
Ik zit thuis in een ongemakkelijke situatie waar ik voorlopig geen uitweg in zie.Dat is ook de reden dat ik bij jullie terecht ben gekomen. Om even alle zorgen af te schuiven.
Ik hoop dat jullie beseffen wat dit voor vele vrouwen betekent, dat jullie zo een fantastisch, betrouwbaar bedrijf hebben opgericht.
Het is idd, zoals vaak gezegd wordt, niet goedkoop. Maar de service en de kwaliteit is het meer dan dat waard! Je voelt je weer helemaal vrouw zoals het eigenlijk zou moeten zijn maar voor velen in bepaalde situaties niet mogelijk is.
Ik wil jullie dus ook graag bedanken voor de raad enz. Ik ben zeker een vaste klant geworden! Ik ben lekker egoïstisch geworden en denk nu eens volkomen aan mezelf. Dus ben terug aan het sparen om weer eens een glimlach op mijn gezicht te krijgen 🙂
Tot dan,



Hi Both,

I would like to start out by saying that Nick was highly professional, friendly, understanding, passionate, a good conversationalist and most importantly extremely experienced at what he does.

It’s taken a few days to write this review because I am still on an emotional high but please pass on my utmost thanks to Nick for making me a woman.

I was more nervous for this date than I can remember ever being for anything throughout my entire life, but this date was not only a test to myself, but a journey I had decided I had to make on the 1st Jan 2017 if I was ever to feel ‘good’ about myself. Having been sexually abused as a teenager, it has taken decades to deal with my fear of men and sex. My mind and body have been shut down to the opposite sex all my adult life; touch, smell, intimacy were completely out of the question. In fact I nearly pulled out in the final hours but for the support of a fab friend.

Nick had the capacity to relieve me of these fears within minutes of meeting me. He suggested a fully body massage, which eased into the inevitable, however, there was no real awkwardness and for the first time in my life I relaxed in the presence of the opposite sex and enjoyed his company.

Nick will never be forgotten, I feel that this whole experience has now been tattooed into my memories forever.

Thank you for your services and ultimately for your recommendation in Nick.

If there were other words I could use to express how this has already impacted my life I would use them. What I can honestly say is that my physical quest is over, I now just need to keep working on my emotional wellbeing which is in a far better place today than it was before I met up with Nick.

I am more than happy for you to anonymously upload my feedback to your website. It is actually as a result of reading another lady’s review that gave me the courage to book someone myself. Her circumstances seemed similar to mine and I DEEPLY admired her courage. Her actions consolidated my actions.


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Engels, Nederlands


Cultuur, Dineren, Mensen, Muziek, Reizen, Sport

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